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Thursday, December 16, 2010

ECM Joins With Investors in Supporting CORI Reform

Continuing ECM's work to support long term criminal justice reform we recently co-signed a letter that was sent to over 120 businesses and publicly listed companies who operate in Massachusetts urging them to take stock of the new CORI law that went into effect on Nov 4, 2010.

The letter requested these companies to establish non-discrimination policy statements and procedures for qualified applicants with unrelated criminal records. It also offered technical assistance to support these companies as they prepare these new policies.

The letter was sent by Zevin Assessment Management a socially responsible investor based here in Massachusetts and was signed by over 20 local funding entities. To receive a copy of the letter please email kcsimons@diomass.org

Signatories of the letter:

Kelly Bates

Executive Director

Access Strategies Fund

Anne Ellinger


Zing Foundation

Connie Brookes

Executive Director

Friends Fiduciary Corporation

Sister Carole Lombard, CSJ

Director of Justice and Peace

Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston

Wendy Holding

Trustee and Portfolio Manager

Sustainability Group

Nora M. Nash, OSF

Director, Corporate Social Responsibility

Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia

Nancy Shippen

Executive Director

Our Prison Neighbors

Tim Brennan

Treasurer and CFO

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

Rev. Séamus P. Finn OMI

Director, JPIC Ministry

Missionary Oblates

Daniel Stranahan


Needmor Fund

Dr. Ruy O. Costa

Executive Director

Episcopal City Mission

Corporate Responsibility Program

Province of St. Joseph of the Capuchin Order, Milwaukee, WI

Maurice Emsellem

Policy Co-Director

National Employment Law Project

Lew Finfer

Massachusetts Communities Action Network

Sister Marie J. Gaillac, CSJ

Corporate Responsibility Coordinator

JOLT, Catholic Coalition for Responsible Investing

Shelley Alpern

Vice President, Director of ESG Research & Shareholder Advocacy

Trillium Asset Management Corporation

Julie Johnson

Managing Director

Fresh Pond Capital

Marjorie O. Coward


The Jersey Foundation

Margaret M. Winslow


The Robin Gamble Grinnell Foundation

Ann Grinnell


MA Grinnell Foundation

Karla Nicholson

Executive Director

Haymarket People's Fund

Major Neill Franklin

Executive Director

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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